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PROGENCE Consultancy Services

We provide high quality consultancy services. Our engineering team can provide dedicated FTE or partial managed services, working remotely or on-premises. A team of several senior consultants is also ready to evaluate and advise your organization regarding industry-related efficiency and best-practices.

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Years experience
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End user satisfaction
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Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Technology

    Working close and vertically within organizations allows PROGENCE to create the best hardware and software infrastructure environment scenarios, adapted for each organization needs.

  • Process Management

    Throughout our projects we have deal with many once impossible technology paradigms. Our skilled consultant teams enhance their efforts achieving the best automated solutions.

  • Promotion

    Reinforce your online presence. Our marketing and digital content management experts are more than welcome to create a plan of action adapted to your organization’s needs.

  • Data Strategy

    Unsorted data spreads among distinct devices and formats. Constantly out-of-date spreadsheets. When Excel is no more enough, it’s time to start defining your data strategy.

  • Business Intelligence

    An organization cannot survive without several IT systems. Extracting, compiling, merging and analyzing data requires an orchestrated strategy to achieve consistent results.

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