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Customized software solutions

Several times your business requirements evidence the need of a specific user interface, not available from software retailers. It could be a mobile app for reps collecting customers orders while working on the field, a specific desktop console to manage data load check errors or even an e-kiosk for customer interactions inside commercial areas.

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Years experience


Years experience
SaaS implementations


SaaS implementations
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction
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Global reach
Service desk


Service desk

Custom solutions adapted for your organization

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    Implementing PROGENCE retail solutions or developing new solutions, our engineers are the most enthusiastic in getting the proper choice. 

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    Upon gathering requirements, our teams will develop a full detailed planning containing all the solutions that best suits the organization needs.

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    Our project and software engineering teams focus their drivers on  developing the most suitable solution for organization’s needs.

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    Connect your company and employees, managing all your organization’s processes in one single solution. 

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    Our solutions may be hybrid, stand-alone, device-specific, off-line. Every new challenge has its specifications.

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    Service desk

    Every solution provided by PROGENCE benefits from its 24/7 continuous support services.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Optimization

    Enrich your customer care efficiency by automating processes and keeping track of internal operations.

  • SaaS solutions

    Avoiding invest on hardware and software upfront, ready-to-use solutions are provided with a small initial investment.

  • Automation

    Improve your efficiency by normalizing your operations and procedures. Our solutions manage it smoothly.

  • Efficiency

    You can immediately benefit from a software solution investment by increasing the organization quality standards.

  • Economy of scale

    When using PROGENCE solutions you can scale your business up by adjusting the service or modules available.

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