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Transport, relocation and logistics dedicated solutions

Increased worldwide mobility raised the number of transportation related companies searching for solutions specific designed to manage their daily operations. Organizations must move quickly to meet their customer expectations, by interacting online with them and to reinforce their business relationships. PROGENCE dedicated solutions are specific designed for each sector of these businesses.

  • Relocation processes include a range of detailed internal business processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.
  • Transportation companies need to be constantly in contact with their HQ’s and direct managers. Managing cargo transportation requires immediate feedback among its operations and procedures.

PROGENCE has specific and detailed telemetry solutions adapted for each business. Get your company ready for using e-CMR.


Solutions adapted for your business model

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    Manage your fleet, drivers and cargo using an orchestrated approach. Control your daily operations in real-time, relying on PROGENCE solutions.

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    Manage your warehouses. Share up-to date detailed info with your clients. Keep track of all processes and tasks assigned to each employee.

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    Control your relocation processes. Manage your customers, agents suppliers and fleet. Enable superior digital experiences for your users.

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    Keep your users connected 24/7. Track all the operations on your smartphone. Empower your operations with our telemetry solutions.

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    Return of Investment

    Most of our solutions are provided as-a-service model. Leverage your business escalating your users and solutions gradually. Short term ROI evidences.

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    Gain competitive advantage using the latest telemetry solutions. Prepare your company to take advantage of the e-CMR protocol. Get ready!


Increasing the end-user & overall productivity.

  • Route planning

    Prepare your journeys and have on-line feedback from the field users. Personalized alerts and quick operations geo-indexing tracking system.

  • Fleet Management

    Control your vehicles, drivers and in-transit cargo. Manage your fleet remotely, keep track of periodic checks and technical maintenance.

  • Customer Interaction

    Have your clients directly connected with your operations. Our solutions are able to provide 3rd party systems integration.

  • Analytics

    Data analysis improves efficiency. Get insights directly from our systems and take advantage of our Business Intelligence offers.

Solutions adapted for your business. Let’s get started


Leverage your operations to another level using low initial investment solutions.

PROGENCE provides several as-a-Service models adapted for each sector.

Start using our products immediately, paying only as you use


Be ready for e-CMR adoption

High bandwidth mobile connections, fully Geo-referenced territory and smart fleet interface devices combined provide the ability for a new transport era. Taking full advantage of the classic adoptions, telemetry solutions provide a way for organizations to empower their operations and processes, increasing quality and efficiency.


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